BRB is back with a remix project. It's been 9 years since Hard Times came out, and since then a lot has changed. We all go through times, but it's how we respond to them makes a difference.

Featuring remixes from Freddie Bruno, J.Rhodan and a collab between Sundance & DJ Sean P this is a unique collection of mixes that won't leave your ears disappointed. Preorders are available now.



NoiseArt Collective has emerged as one of the more interesting acts in the Australian music scene in some years. Although only playing for a year, NAC will soon release their debut album, “All the Bright Beautiful Colours My Mid Just Cannot See.” The sound combines a variety of styles and beats with very personal themes, seeking to connect with fans through both great music and the emotions expressed within.

The first song, “Cyclops Turning,” commences with a great guitar centered hook, somewhat reminiscent of classic late 80s rock. It then forms a relentless beat underlying the lyrics. In Homer’s Odyssey, the Cyclops’ single eye always kept watch for anything threatening. The song narrator likens this to a woman’s gaze upon him, making him wonder just what thoughts she has of him. NoiseArt Collective smartly provides no resolution to the question, leaving the listener wondering.

Cyclops Turning is now available through Unleashed Music:

Introducing ÆNON

We're incredibly excited to announce that melodic metal and hardcore band, Ænon (previously known as Burial At Sea) have joined the Unleashed Music family. Ænon are Andrew Wakem, the lead vocalist, Brendan Mari and Luke Denniss on guitar, Tristan Fairall on bass, Karmen Fairall playing keys and on vocals, and Thom Werlemann – drummer and vocals.

Ænon's debut single Prodigal is playing exclusively on The Faction this week before releasing on April 20th.


Unleashed Music is very proud to announce that singer-songwriters Ellery Cohen and Riordan Stewart-McDougall have joined the family. Both hailing from Victoria, Ellery Cohen delivers high-energy pop-rock with his latest single Far Too Long showcasing a perfect blend between rock and catchy pop. After a breakout 2017, which included releasing her third EP Charcoal, Riordan Stewart-McDougall's blend of country and pop has endeared her many audiences and fans across Australia.

Stay tuned for more new music from both of these fantastic artists later this year.

The Quick & The dead receive end of year chart nominations

Glenrowan's The Quick & The Dead have received two end of year chart nominations. Firstly, for a remix of the introductory track of their new EP The Story nominated on KISS FM's end of year charts, and secondly for the United Kingdom's Radio Alliance airplay charts. Congratulations to the guys for well-deserved recognition.


Building from the success of their home-made Youtube videos, Mud To Marble have released their debut single Kingdom Song. The light, happy track builds folk/pop melodies and catchy lyrics that has made it a fan favourite at their live shows. The song is available for streaming via Spotify and for download on all major digital platforms.

BRB announces pre-orders for new kinda human

New Kinda Human, the latest album from Hip-hop artist BRB, is now available to pre-order from PledgeMusic

Originally from New Jersey and now based in Canberra, Australia, BRB is a lyrical genius with a talent for rhyming that comes to him as naturally as breathing. BRB uses his music to encourage others to press on, to find meaning and purpose, especially in times of hardship, and to evolve and embrace each new day, thereby becoming a 'New Kinda Human’.

New Kinda Human is a 13-track odyssey from Krosswerdz Recordings, with BRB performing the launch at the Uprock Hip Hop Summit on November 3rd.

With a deep love of rapping that stems from his childhood, BRB’s music is described as combining US East Coast rap with a laid back, Australian production style. He plays his own percussion, enabling him to marry his beats and rhymes seamlessly and delivering his heartfelt lyrics against an atmospheric beat, interspersed cleverly with colourful samples. 

BRB draws on his own life experiences, from jail time, to betrayal which resulted in a near-death experience, to a more recent prolonged battle with cancer. His music is a release of emotions for him, allowing him to vent frustration pain, anger, grief and sorrow, and embrace healing, while at the same time evoking a positive response in his listeners and encouraging them to think and act differently. 

The theme for the new album is forgetting the old and pressing on into the new. “Whatever has happened in the past, that moment was a snap shot in time and today is a new day,” says BRB. “Live like every day is your last and be the best version of yourself. Then you inspire others to do the same….Life is what you make it. Do what you can and leave the rest to God.” This is a theme that is exemplified in the song Trigger Route. A reaction to police brutality and recent shootings, the song challenges the police to better themselves and look for more solutions aside from the ‘trigger route’.

Pressing into the new is the challenge with Sharks in the Water - A metaphorically rich, triple entendre track on the theme of hidden predators beneath the surface of the water. The lyrics refer to jumping in at the deep end, judging others for being in over their head and hidden dangers in the water. With a powerful sung chorus from South African singer DeBranch, the song will remain in your head for both the music and the meaning. 

Devils Playground reminisces on the darker side of life. Cas Metah of the Scribbling Idiots urges listeners to persevere and carry on, regardless of what temptation and trickery is thrown your way.

“If you dig hip-hop and good vibes….and can connect with leaving the past behind and pressing into the future, support the album and the movement. Join the New Kinda Humans, evolve and become a new creation with a true purpose,” encourages BRB.

The Quick & The dead reach #5 in regional radio charts

A huge congratulations is in order for The Quick & The Dead, whose single Fighter (Water From Stone) has reached #5 in the AMRAP Regional Radio Charts.

AMRAP is funded by the Australian government and distributes music to over 3,000 radio stations across Australia. Unleashed Music is one of over 100 record labels submitting music to their platform AirIT on a regular basis.

Congratulations to The Quick & The Dead for their achievement!


Unleashed Music is pleased to announce a new partnership with Syntax Creative. Syntax Creative is one of the top independent digital distributors, design firms and marketing agencies, representing more than 130 record labels. Some of the artists they distribute music for include Darlene Zschech, SONICFLOOd, Brooke Fraser, Resurrection Band, Lecrae, and P.O.D. Unleashed Music represents Christian artists across a variety of genres and manages operations for Krosswerdz Recordings, which has established itself as a revered name in the Aussie hip-hop scene. The first two releases under the new partnership are Snake Eyes by Izzy on Oct. 9 and New Kind of Human by BRB on Nov. 3. Both will be available at all digital outlets.

“The digital marketplace is both an artist’s biggest opportunity and biggest weakness,” Ben Archer, owner of Unleashed Music, said. “It’s diluted and democratized the music industry, which has meant that artists have to work twice has hard to get their music heard by the general public. You can either build a crowd around your music, or your music can get lost in someone else’s crowd. By working with Syntax, Unleashed Music will be able to help artists build their own crowd.”

“I had the pleasure of meeting Oakbridge and the rest of the Krosswerdz team who traveled to Flavor Fest 2010 in person,” Syntax Creative CEO Tim Trudeau said. “Seven years later, we are now working together professionally. The wealth of experience and knowledge that Ben and Unleashed Music are bringing to the table is really what is making all of this possible.”

Archer’s music experience dates back to the turn of the century, when he began to coordinate on-the-ground marketing efforts for Pillar, Day of Fire, Project 86, Jars of Clay and PAX 217 in Australia. His radio resume includes work for 101.5 Great Lakes FM in Forster-Tuncurry and 106.5 Rhema FM Manning-Great Lakes in Wingham, New South Wales. He also worked alongside Easterfest Director Dave Schenk as a talent booker in the festival’s final years.

Krosswerdz Recordings began in 2009 and has a roster of veteran artists who have been performing, hosting and teaching around Australia and the world since the 1990’s. It is the label for the Krosswerdz Church which has established chapters all over Australia and throughout Asia.

“What drew us to Syntax were the testimonials from people whose mission and values are akin to our own,” Archer said. “When people such as Josh Niemyjski from Illect Recordings, and Christian singer-songwriter Yancy. When they give their recommendations, you can’t ignore them.”

“Whether it’s the hip hop of Krosswerdz or the variety of Unleashed Music,” Trudeau said, “and whether it’s happening in Australia or the United States, the mission is the same.”

Unleashed Music partners with artists and labels to help develop careers, build fan bases and expand ministries. They provide management services for Another Language, BRB, Lisa King, Mud To Marble, The Quick & The Dead and Those Who Endure. Its goal is to see an artist’s music thrive and get into the ears, hearts and minds of the people who need to hear it. To learn more, visit:

Krosswerdz Recordings is an Australian-based independent record label specializing in hip hop. Its aim will always be to advocate and facilitate unity and community among Christian hip-hop artists and be a presence and influence in the secular hip-hop scene, which is in line with the core values of the Krosswerdz ministry. Krosswerdz Recordings is home to Apollo Creed, Bay Side Wreckers, BRB, Brethren, Izzy N The Profit, Oakbridge and Shelly H. To learn more, visit:

Syntax Creative is one of the top independent digital distributors, design firms and marketing agencies, representing more than 130 record labels. Their impressive list of clientele includes Elevation Church, Saddleback Church, Crossroads Label Group, Central South, Daywind Records and Jamie Grace Music among others. To learn more, visit:


One of Australia’s most unique rising sounds once again delivers. The Quick and the Dead released their new single on August 31, Fighter from their self-titled album. Fighter still relies on the fusion of Australian artistry and American South blues and rock influences in the melody.

Fighter builds on the album’s main theme of the quest to live right by insisting that none of us can do it alone. The video reinforces the imagery of modern loneliness as a desert wilderness whose aridity is only punctuated by dead trees reaching skyward. Only by reaching out to others can one escape the wilderness. As the song says, “We’re all searching for the ones to trust with whom we really are.”

The Quick and the Dead’s fans won’t have to wander in the desert long to find a place to hear their favourites pound out their masterpieces of rock and blues fusion. The tour kicks off in Victoria at the Old Flour Mill Gallery on September 22nd and continues almost nightly well into October. “We’ve played most of these stops before but all the venues are new to us.” Rhys adds that fans can expect to hear new songs from Water From Stone as well as old favourites when they come to see “all our friends on the coast.”

Although they love their long time friends, the band wants to see new faces in front of them as well. First timers can expect “three fools having a lotta fun while making a lotta noise.” If you like “Southern Rock that’ll . . . get your foot stomping and your heart singing” then turn out and experience the show!

Tour Dates:

22 Sept The Flour Mill Gallery – Euroa
23 Sept Glenrowan Scout Hall – Glenrowan
24 Sept Bended Elbow – Albury
26 Sept TBA – Canberra
27 Sept LazyBones Lounge – Sydney
28 Sept Valve Bar – Sydney
29 Sept The Lass O’Gowrie – Newcastle
30 Sept Element Bar - Coffs Harbour
01 Oct The Railway - Byron Bay
04 Oct The Top Pub – Uralla
05 Oct The Old Bank – Dubbo
06 Oct TBA – Orange
07 Oct TBA - Wagga Wagga


Brisbane-based funk/rock band, Another Language, will feature on the latest release of JesusFreakHideout’s installment of Songs We’ve Been Trying to Tell You About (And Others We Haven’t). The popular 37-song indie sampler is the sixth installment of the compilation series from JesusFreakHideout, one of the world’s largest Christian music online resources. 

Soul Doctor is from Another Language’s EP, Shoulder to the Sun, and is track number 24. The track begins with a glorious wave of guitar feedback from guitarist Chris Muir and boasts a groove that is certain to get listeners nodding or feeling the vibe. Powerful layered vocals from husband and wife team Josh and Roe Morrison, bass from Stuvadoor Hastings, and complex drum rhythms from Anthony Gilbert, keep the track moving along right to the end.

Soul Doctor is a message about finding spiritual health and healing with the original soul doctor, Jesus, explains the five-piece funk/rock band who are currently based in Brisbane. 

“My motivation for Soul Doctor came at a time of reflection when I was sick in bed with Ebstein Barr Virus, commonly known as glandular fever,” explains Josh Morrison, lead singer. “I couldn’t talk or swallow, floods had hit my home town Ipswich, and I was unwell in bed. I was reflecting on my life, where it was going and what was influencing me. I was studying nursing at the time and ideas of hospital wards and Jesus being the ’soul doctor’ filled my mind.”

"My head became clear, free from distractions and I was free of any desire for lust or wealth. With nothing to cloud my judgement, my conscience started to speak louder. I saw the things in my life that I needed to change and I decided to endeavour to be less distracted and create the best music in the world for Jesus Christ.”

One of the pioneers of Christian music media on the web, JesusFreakHideout has been spreading faith-based music across the globe via the web for more than two decades. The site’s creator and editor John DiBiase believes in spreading the positive messages that Christian music has to offer, especially with all the highly negative music that is available.

“There’s a lot of great Christian music out there,” said DiBiase. “We hope compilations like Songs We’ve Been Trying to Tell You About (And Others We Haven’t) can help people find good quality music to inspire, entertain and edify.” 

“I encourage everyone to get a check up for their spiritual health,” adds Josh Morrison. "And that they too can find healing with the one true Soul Doctor.”

You download the compilation for free here:

Announcement regarding guardian

It's with deep sadness that Unleashed Music announced that Guardian have chosen to go on an indefinite hiatus. The band was in the process of preparing material for their new EP, but have chosen to take some time out to find a new musical direction.

Unleashed Music hopes to have an opportunity to work with Guardian should the band choose to work together again in the future.


Unleashed Music is stoked to announce we are working with Brisbane rock band Another Language. Their funk/ska mentality combined with a grunge rock undertone give them a super unique sound. 

Their debut EP "Shoulder to the Sun" drops on iTunes on January 30. You can pre-order it HERE and check out the single "Soul Doctor" below:

welcome those who endure

We would like to welcome Queensland metal band THOSE WHO ENDURE to the Unleashed family. With members based in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, TWE have been the stalwarts of the local metal scene, performing live since 2008. Over this time, they have shared the stage with the likes of Norma Jean, For Today, Mortification and Psycroptic. Their debut single The Sweetest Poison is released on October 24th, with pre-orders available now from Bandcamp.



Unleashed Music is pleased to announce that Lisa King, One Kingdom and We Are Servants are all headed to Forest Edge Music Festival, 2017. In addition to this, Unleashed will also be presenting an artist mentorship workshop, which can only be attended by artists at the festival.

FEMF is now in it's 5th year and this year's line-up features international bands Stars Go Dim and The Afters, as well as local acts Slip-On Stereo, Germein Sisters and Fatai. Tickets are available now through the Forest Edge Website -


Unleashed Music has expanded it's services to provide 360 degree artist management support to its current clients. This means we are now able to offer a more holistic approach to supporting artists careers, and assist in developing fanbases as well as expanding ministries.

This means Unleashed is now able to offer the following services to Australian based artists:

  • Artist management
  • Merchandise coordination
  • Music publishing (physical and digital)
  • Radio distribution
  • Performance and tour booking
  • Product endorsement pitching
  • Public relations

Our goal is to see your career develop to the point where you can set your wings and fly on your own, or to where a larger player in the industry can take you to where you need/want to be.

If you're interested in working with us and seeing your career/ministry grow to the next level, make contact with us today.


Melbourne's One Kingdom have released the live music video for their new single The Adversary. Check it out on Youtube!


we are servants

Unleashed Music is stoked to announce We Are Servants have joined the family. 

We Are Servants is not just another rock band. The Australian outfit was founded in Brisbane, Queensland. The core members of We Are Servants are Zach Almond and Jamie Stevens. 

So far this year, We Are Servants got the chance to share the stage with some prolific acts, such as the Canadian group Thousand Foot Krutch, as well as Australia’s own Skies Collide. At that year’s Easterfest, We Are Servants was blessed with the promising opportunity to perform with the likes of other well-known musical acts, such as Emery and Norma Jean. This group plans to make new ground-breaking appearances during more high-profile events in the future.

One kingdom release
science of change

One Kingdom have released their second EP Science of Change through Unleashed Music. Featuring the hit single Affiance, the EP is now available on Spotify and iTunes.

introducing guardian

Unleashed Music is very proud to announce Sydney metalcore band Guardian is joining the team. Their debut self-titled EP was released in 2014 and is now available as a pay-what-you-want via Bandcamp. 

Featuring the singles Undertow and Storms, it is an excellent introduction to a band who is going to turn heads with their epic sound.

Download the EP here!


One Kingdom have released their newest single Affiance to radio in Australia and the United States. 

Affiance is a catchy rock tune which delivers a powerful message about the role of love and sticking through the tough times in a relationship.

Give your local community station a call and request it! Spotify and iTunes links are coming soon.

Radio releases - sept 21

Lots of hot new music out this week:

Artist - Track Title | Record Label

Canon - Grateful | Independent
Latoria - I Need More | Independent
Sareem Poems - Show N Tell | Illect Recordings
Rawsrvnt - Game Changer | Illect Recordings

Radio stations can access our radio distribution centre here to download MP3 and WAV files for each of these tracks.

One kingdom to support thousand foot krutch

Unleashed Music is pleased to announce that One Kingdom will be supporting Thousand Foot Krutch for the Melbourne leg of their Australian tour. 

One Kingdom's new EP Science of Change is due in November - this is a fantastic opportunity to hear the new material.

Tickets are on sale NOW and available here via Oztix.

Download lisa king's new single for free

Lisa King's newest single "Risk" is available for download free! Check it out on her Reverbnation page!

Introducing one kingdom

Unleashed Music is stoked to announce it is now working with Melbourne hard rock band One Kingdom. 

One Kingdom was formed in 2013 by Troy Dixon, the former guitarist for internationally-renowned Australian death metal band Mortification. With Dixon on guitars, along with Joshua Bovitt, another seasoned Aussie, the band dishes out a potent sound that feels both explosive and mesmerising. Philip Peters on bass and Oresti Salter on drums make up a grinding rhythm section, providingthepulsingfirefortheband.NicholasRickard’sdeep,captivatingvocalscompletethegroup’s magneticsound.

shining star by pillar

Hard rock band Pillar are back with their new album One Love Revolution. The first single from the album to be released in Australia is Shining Star. Request it at your local station today. If you are representing a station and would like to play this track on air, please contact us!

breathe again by spoken (featuring matty mullins)

US rock band Spoken have released their first single from their yet to be titled crowd-funded album. 

"Breathe Again" is a significant departure from their previous edgy rock, with the harmonic vocals of Matty Mullins (Memphis May Fire) working in tandem with Spoken's own Matt Baird throughout the track.

Contact your local station to request they play it today. If you are representing a station and would like to add this song into rotation, please contact us.

THE PROFIT - Late Nights - 01 Late Nights.mp3

The profit - late nights

Unleashed Music is stoked to announce that it is working with Krosswerdz Recordings. Their latest release is by Central Coasts' very own The Profit. "Late Nights" is a collection of passionate and focussed hip-hop tracks which keeps the head bobbing from start to finish.

The Profit is one of the hardest working emcee's in Australia - releasing the Late Nights single in December last year, and previous releases including "Back Burning" in 2014 and "Self-Regicide" in 2013 as well as his collaboration album "Pulling Strings" with good mate Izzy. 

Late Nights is available now through Krosswerdz Recordings Bandcamp.

"Sirens" by attalus released to radio

New Facedown Records signing Attalus have released their song Sirens to radio in Australia on May 7th. 

For fans of Emery, mewithoutyou and Dillinger Escape Plan, Attalus have a musical style which has a familiar ring to it, but creates space for some unexpected beat drops and riffs.

Login now to our Radio Distribution Centre to download both MP3 and .WAV versions of the track, or Contact Us for access.

BRB -New kinda human single
4th of may release

Unleashed Music is stoked to announce the release of BRB's new single New Kinda Human. The title track of his debut full-length album, New Kinda Human is a tapestry of lyricism with a beat that gets any head nodding.

The single is released on May 4th on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and Deezer.


Unleashed Music is proud to announce a new artist to its roster: Lisa King from Wollongong, NSW. She released her first EP in 2014 called Light. Always aspiring to become a musician, it all sort of changed direction in 2007 when she became a Christian, and realising that maybe she could write songs with a different purpose, instead of just making good music, she wanted to create music that could connect people with Jesus. Taking inspiration from the likes of Hillsong, Brooke Fraser and Missy Higgins among others, her acoustic style is stripped back and easy listening that anybody can listen to, as it’s all written from her own personal relationship and walk with God.

Visit her Reverbnation Page now for a FREE download of "You Won't Let Me Go".


Like most people have been, we are disappointed to hear the news announced on April 5th regarding the financial situation of Easterfest. 

Unleashed Music firmly believes in the concept of Easterfest and will continue to support the festival regardless of what the future may hold. We look forward to a productive relationship with the organisers of the festival in their future endeavours.


Reminder that Emery are currently TOURING Australia! You can grab tickets NOW from Oztix.

With their two Sydney shows close to selling out, you're going to need to act fast if you to see them this year.