Diverse hip-hop with an intelligent flow


Philosophical in approach to music, BRB uses Hip Hop to inspire, encourage and uplift his listeners. He will often shock and entertain a crowd by incorporating his immediate surroundings into freestyle raps - he adds life to any show from small gatherings to large festivals. He produces a professional sound quality while telling an honest story which connects with his listeners. A talented multilingual artist, witty emcee, and a superb freestylist, he brings spontaneity to recordings, performances and battles. BRB is a seasoned performer and will not disappoint.

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Manager | Ben Archer |

recent shows

31st January, 2018: Hustle & Flow Bar, Sydney (supporting Izzy N The Profit)
16th December, 2017: Hustle & Flow Bar, Sydney
(supporting Waza & Caustic Soda)
2nd December, 2017: Epilogue Bar, Alice Springs
9th November, 2017: Laundry Bar, Melbourne
(supporting Izzy & Farai Katiyo)
4th November, 2017: The Embassy, Belmore
(supporting Jesus Peace)
10th October, 2017: The Mockbee, CincinattiUSA
(supporting Cas Metah)
4th October, 2017: Rehab Tavern, Colombus, USA
22nd September, 2017: ANU Pop-Up Bar, Canberra
4th August, 2016: Youth Merge Gathering, Robertson

29th July, 2016: Ignite NRG, Cooma
24th June, 2016: Polish White Eagle Club, Canberra
10th November, 2015: Uprock Summit, Sydney
2nd November, 2015: Exoday School Festival, Canberra
17th July, 2015: Sensation of Sound Festival, Passion Pit, Kuala Lumpur