what we do

Unleashed Music partners with artists and labels to help develop careers, build fanbases and expand ministries. Our goal is to see your music thrive and get into the ears, hearts and minds of the people who need to hear it. Our music is distributed worldwide through Syntax Creative which gives you the collective power of over 130 labels behind your music.

We can help develop your music through:

  • Publishing digitally and physically
  • Booking tours and shows
  • Merchandise development and sales
  • Product endorsement
  • Getting your music placed in television, movies and commercials
  • Ringtones
  • Radio distribution and public relations
  • Mentoring
  • Career development
  • Project managing releases

We have helped artists get releases across the line and onto full distribution, secure placements in on international tours and festivals as well as working with our overseas friends to help get their Australian tours going as well

Some of special things we have been a part of include:

Working with Unleashed helps bring your music to where it needs to be. If you feel we can help your music grow and develop to the next level, make contact with us today.