Southern folk rock with a side serving of blues


Theworking collective of two brothers, Rhys & Kai are joined by a third spiritual brother, Isaac. The Quick & The Dead combine elements of hard rock with a blues sound to deliver a masterpiece musical fusion. With their third self-titled release under their belt, this is an act unlike any other in Australia right now. 


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Self-Titled Album:

"What The Quick & the Dead deliver with their self-titled album is a 14 track journey into a beautifully crafted landscape. The music serves as the scenery, smells and emotions where the lyrics craft the characters, people, and glances from passers-by as you step through town and through the doors of the saloon. If you are craving new, original and unique music, this is a must-own."

Break It Down with Matt Carter:
"The Quick and the Dead from Australia... the instrumentation, the vibe and the music is quite different, with some ballsier lead guitar stuff that you don't hear that much, which makes it really interesting."

Fighter Single + Sept/Oct 2017 Tour:


Ben Archer | Unleashed Music |


30th March, 2018: National Folk Festival, Canberra
17th March, 2018:
A Hitch to the Sticks Festival, Wangaratta
7th October, 2017:
Bass Bar, Wagga Wagga
5th October, 2017:
The Old Bank, Dubbo
4th October, 2017:
Top Pub, Uralla
1st October, 2017:
Railway Bar, Byron Bay
30th September, 2017:
Element Bar, Coffs Harbour
29th September, 2017:
Lass O'Gowrie, Newcastle
28th September, 2017:
Valve Bar, Sydney
27th September, 2017:
LazyBones Lounge, Sydney
24th September, 2017:
The Bended Elbow, Albury
23rd September, 2017:
Scout Hall, Glenrowan
22nd September, 2017:
The Flour Mill Gallery, Euroa
13th May, 2017:
The Who Club, Warburton
16th March, 2017:
The Record Crate, Sydney (supporting Hallows)
15th March, 2017: Secret Garden Bar, Sydney (supporting Pepperhead)
14th March, 2017: The Basement, Canberra (supporting Bleach It Clean)
10th March, 2017: Forest Edge Music Festival, Neerim East
25th February, 2017: The Woolshed, Albury (supporting Idle Fret)
10th December, 2016: Boomerang Hotel, Albury (supporting Idle Fret & duckPuppy)
7th July, 2016: Metro Bar & Cafe, Mount Gambier
5th July, 2016: Extreme Life, Warrnambool
3rd July, 2016: Last Chance Rock 'n' Roll Bar, Melbourne
1st July, 2016: The Old Church On The Hill, Bendigo